Monday, October 26, 2009

Birds and the Bees

I officially miss summer.

I have been very very busy the past couple weeks and not in a fun adventurous way.

They have consisted of:
midterms x3
25 page x1
opinion paper x1
working a gazillion hours

life just really isn't too fun right now. But that will all change soon enough!

I'm jealous the girls from Australia whose blogs I read. They get summer now. Wanna trade?

Monday, October 12, 2009

I know that this is old news but I could watch this video 100 times.
Its just so inspiring and creative.
Do any of you still find yourself watching it?


Well on Saturday night my boyfriend (Colin) and I were going to see Couples Retreat but I had only heard bad things about it. I went to my cousins hockey game during the day and was talking to him after he said that he had seen Zombieland and it had exceeded his expectations.

I figured that Colin did not really want to see Couples Retreat anyways so we saw Zombieland. It was actually pretty good. Its disgusting but actually super funny. I tend to get very jumpy in movies and this was definitely no exception. If you ignore how gross the zombies are then I recommend it. But if you are really squeamish, use your discretion. Its rated R for a reason.

After the movie we went out for some drinks and ran into his dad and girlfriend. Shared a couple appetizers then met up with some friends. This is the outfit I decided to go with.

Vest: Ricki's (ages ago) Tank & Jeans: Costa Blanca Shoes: Roberto Vianni

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Michael Kors <3

I picked up these lovely lovely loveeeely pair of heels the other day from the bay downtown. On sale which was amazing! I love them so much I want to wear them everywhere.

Too bad there's already snow on the ground.

Tonight my boyfriend and I are going to see couples retreat. I hope its good I've heard mixed reviews.

Time to go socialize. My parents have friends over. Talk to you soon!


Last week I went to this show deadmau5 at republic. He's a dj that wears a mousehead similar to the one I'm wearing. This girl there made it out of papermache haha. It was an awesome show, the only bad thing is it was on a Tuesday ickk.

This is what I look like normally... a little different although still mouse esque.

Tank top: aritzia Skirt: boutique in Europe Purse: Boutique in Osborne village Shoes (although you can't see them): winners