Tuesday, January 18, 2011

where edge and glam meet

1. Love the cut out skull and that outfit is.. there are no words, lets just say i love flowy FGR
2. I wish I had something like this to store my jewelry, maybe a little construction is in order
3. Leopard heals... helllz yes SSS
4. haha I love the pup in this, and her outfit is killer, especially that necklace
5. Stairs of open ceremony, so neat Cherry blossom girl
6. I love this dress, its so beautiful FGR
7. Devon Aoki, looking beautiful as per usual FGR
8. I looooove her make up, her eyes look so big SSS
9. I donnnt know about the hair abbey I miss the blonde long locks already FGR
10. Mens wear FGR
11. Ha! this picture is so awesome, Keira looks so much like Johnny Depp here I love it FGR
12. Daria looking killer FGR

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I looove this motel dress, how it looks like its kind of fadded but supposed to be, the pattern, the cut, I love it all, I'm thinking it may be ordered next... after i get my next paycheck and pay my phonebill.. such great money management skillls hahaha! 

What do you think of the dress? In a way it kiiiind of reminds me of McQueen.

Ps... I just want to send my love to all of you over in Australia, my thoughts and prays go out to you!

Friday, January 14, 2011

On repeat

Absolute favourite song right now... anything caribou really. One thing you might not know about me, I loooove music am obsessed really... I should probably talk to someone about it. 

I know this isn't fashion related but I'm just going to post whatever makes me happy and hopefully it'll make you happy too! Until next time... xox

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Muted Tones

1. I love everything about this outfit, perfection, the dress, the coat, the shoes, the purse, minimalistic perfection.
2. The shredded tee will never die for me, and those tights are crazy
3. Love the colour mixture, the army green with the brown, its been done a zillion times but never loses
4. The wing ring is now on my neeeeed list and theres something i love about the bracelet
5. Freja, those pants are killer and we all know how i feel about leather jackets...
6. Those cuffs are amazing, and the fact that she is somewhere warm strikes my fancy
7. I love the edgyness and both of their necklaces <3

Theres something about muted tones that will always have a place in my heart, it is the key characteristic in the minimalist approach, gotta love it. I'm off for a dinner date though, lots of love!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


A little quickie before school, I have a class from 7 until 10 at night... woot woot that should keep my attention..... not. These little babies have been sitting in my inspiration photos for about a week but I have definitely been busy sorry to keep you waiting. happy new year everyone!