Friday, March 25, 2011

The pyramids are calling my name

1. I want to steal everything off of her limbs for me and you
2. Street walking with palm trees
3. Mystical
4. Pattern of amazement
5. Destination to see
6. Beautiful coco
7. Sushi.. we meet again
8. I love this outfit, especially the skirt
9. Braids are forever
10. One word. Paradise.
11. Love on a finger
12. Barebacked
13. Blazing bambi

I'm in the last stretch of school and the end cannot come any sooner, then summer employment where I will make some money to travel wherever my heart desires and hopefully soon. I'm content with life as it is right now but could use a little beach and sunshine as always... soon enough summer will be here. Music festivals are a must this summer. Have a lovely weekend, have fun and live adventurously <3 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Island in the sun

On the airplane, the Cancun peninsula
At a beach part on the first night... the only picture I got
At cogo bongos, sooo much fun
Our beach
Some pelicans
On an island across fom Cancun
Love this picture <3
Our catamaran the gypsy breeze.. perfect name in my opinion
Having some fun on the beach
At sunset

I had the best trip it was so beautiful there. Defintely a great change from the cold Canadian climate. Its defintiely a shock going from +30 out there to -40 here, but its slowly starting to warm up. 

Sorry I haven't been posting at all, I gone and then right when I got back it was midterms full swing. Not really anytime for leisure but thats fine by me. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ink me

Lately it seems as though they have been showcasing tattoos as accessories with Erin Wanson, Freja, Pamela Love, and mannny more. Its been making me crave getting a tattoo. I love the idea of ring tattoos like Pamelas' in the last two pictures. How do you guys feel about tattoos in general? How do you feel about smaller ones? I think maybe I should just buy some new rings or something until I get over it haha.