Thursday, April 14, 2011

Carefree beauty queens

Inspiration folder for you....

1. books strewn about
2. lazy days and beautiful hair
3. footsteps on the beach
4. kisses last forever
5. looove this clutch
6. crazy girls
7. elin the true definition of a beauty queen
8. this picture makes me smile
9. podium with a beach drop

Have a lovely day everyone <3 

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Transition time

1. Beautiful hair, and sick rings
2. I need a dress like this, flowy and carefree
3. Back in black
4. I love everything about this outfit, it seems school girl without the conventional pleat skirt
5. Most beautiful eyes! Love the make up, I will attempt it. I need bigger eyebrows
6. Fur in the forest
7. Florence, amazing artist vibrant hair
8. Float away
9. Feather tat
10.  Mila <3 watch black swan. She's amazing
11. I die for this outfit, recreating in the works!

Anywhere and everywhere