Friday, April 1, 2011

Transition time

1. Beautiful hair, and sick rings
2. I need a dress like this, flowy and carefree
3. Back in black
4. I love everything about this outfit, it seems school girl without the conventional pleat skirt
5. Most beautiful eyes! Love the make up, I will attempt it. I need bigger eyebrows
6. Fur in the forest
7. Florence, amazing artist vibrant hair
8. Float away
9. Feather tat
10.  Mila <3 watch black swan. She's amazing
11. I die for this outfit, recreating in the works!

Anywhere and everywhere


Annabel said...

yes! spring is in the air and it feels amazing :) love this inspiration!

calla said...

i love mila too... she's beautiful! this post is great, so much inspoooooo...

lovely blog (i esp. love the name) <3


Anni said...

Great photos! Very inspiring!

that girl lucy said...

abb's, fur and feather tattos, love.

Meekay said...

Gorgeous pics!

Emilija said...

Now that's one inspirational post. You've got a lovely blog, maybe you want to follow each other?:)