Tuesday, January 18, 2011

where edge and glam meet

1. Love the cut out skull and that outfit is.. there are no words, lets just say i love flowy FGR
2. I wish I had something like this to store my jewelry, maybe a little construction is in order
3. Leopard heals... helllz yes SSS
4. haha I love the pup in this, and her outfit is killer, especially that necklace
5. Stairs of open ceremony, so neat Cherry blossom girl
6. I love this dress, its so beautiful FGR
7. Devon Aoki, looking beautiful as per usual FGR
8. I looooove her make up, her eyes look so big SSS
9. I donnnt know about the hair abbey I miss the blonde long locks already FGR
10. Mens wear FGR
11. Ha! this picture is so awesome, Keira looks so much like Johnny Depp here I love it FGR
12. Daria looking killer FGR


the gorgeous said...

killer! all of them! ;)

alannah. said...

no.6 & 12 are my favourites.
you have such a good way of finding awesome pics to share!!x


SucceedingatFailing said...

I love the first photo and the one of Devon Aoki most, gorgeous! Looking forwards to Spring :)

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

Such a beautiful collection of photosss


Aahna said...

Nice selection of random pictures. I got some of them through the time i spend serching for fashion stuffs but i always love to see gorgeous pictures, no matter if they`re not the newest thing. Besos.

Aissata said...

love them all cool blog , following your blog now, hope you do the same


Anonymous said...

all of these photographs are truly inspiring (: i just came across your blog today and found some time to look through some of your posts and i think you have a wonderful blog going here(:



Grace said...

The girl with the winged eyes and blonde hair! Ugh I have never been so envious of someone's face!

Love Grace.

Katie said...

Lovely pictures as usual! Especially love those stairs! How could your day not be good going up those every morning?

Bruna Capraro said...

nice selection of photos... love them!

that girl lucy said...

perfect mix! in love with that fist shot, and daria oh wow x