Sunday, November 14, 2010

1. Beautiful editorial of Jessica Stam, you don't see many fashion pictures with pianos I recently realized so this picture definitely caught my eye.
2. Bambi in a French editorial, I love the colour of the dress on her.
3. Of all the VS outfits my favourite by FAR was the peacock one.
4. I love how free and end of summer this picture is, the petals make the picture.
5. I am amazed by this outfit of kate, I love the nails, the jacket, and esppppecially the necklace.
6. Rumi of Fashiontoast always has the best pictures on her blog, I love how they're all original.
7. This picture I came across on tumblr i think its from 5 inches and up.

Sorry I havn't/won't be posting too much, I just finished my midterms and now I have to get going on all my term projects I've been slacking on since September. I'm actually on a study break right now at the library. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekened! Back to the books for me


raquel said...

I love this pictures.Saludos desde España

StyleWhiskey. said...

Love the pics, Kate and Rumi are amazing...totally obsessed!

StyleWhiskey. said...
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