Sunday, February 6, 2011

Home is wherever I'm with you

1. Beautiful editorial I love the beside tables haha
2. Her hair and make up is beautiful, it looks so fresh
3. Abbey that necklace is to die for
4. One word, mystical
5. Kate making chess look cool
6. No war <3
7.  This rag & bone advertising is amazing, if you haven't seen it... I don't know how you haven't
8. I've been doing homework all day.. this is how i feel hahaha

Various Sources

Well I apologize for the lack of posts, my January has been crazy and not in a good way. I've lost some good friends and will miss them forever.

This weekend was very nice, I've been spending everyday with my friends and on Friday I took an art class (landscape with acrylics), and then my friend Martin had people over (he just got home from Thailand). Saturday just went out for drinks with some friends and todayyy I've been chained to my laptop working on powerpoint  woot woot I know you're all jealous. As for tonight well it is the superbowl so I suppose I will watch that with some people.

I leave for Mexico in just under two weeks! I'm so excited! Have a good week lovers <3


alannah. said...

love that first shot too, its just beautiful & that rag & bone one is hot.
sad to hear that you've lost some of your friends :( but the year is still young & has plenty of times to help you get your chin up.
im sure mexico is going to do just that for you, how exciting!x


Anonymous said...

i really love your blog!
keep the wonderful inspiration flowing!
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popdisorder said...

Great pics!Nice blog:)

Stefaan said...

It's the first time i visit your blog and i'm going to read it further. And by the way, the last picture made me really laugh! Keep up the good work.



that girl lucy said...

Kim gordons styling and photography is the best, love that first shot; abbey always looks so fucking amazing, agreed yes that necklace is rad; and rag and bone campaign is gold, I've blogged it twice now!

Vanessa said...

beautiful photos!!! <3