Wednesday, June 1, 2011

black and white with a splash of colour

These are some photos that have been sitting in a folder labelled 1 for about two weeks doing no good for anyone sitting in there. 

I have a great love for leather and lace, in case you haven't noticed. Pretty much sums up my style, romantic with an edge. I just purchased some things from ASOS today, can't wait to get them. They're supposed to be delivered by June 10 but apparently a canadian postal strike will be taking place... not impressed all they're sending out is welfare cheques. Lovely. 

Annnyways can't wait to show you guys what I got. The plan for the rest of the week.
- Date night tomorrow
- Girls night Friday
- Drinking games and the club on Saturday

Goodtimes ahead, have a lovely week everyone!
And remeber... an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.. pretty sure Ghandi said that correct me if I'm wrong, smart man either way.

1 comment:

alannah. said...

woop woop your weekend sounds way better than mine that includes a.) study. b.) study. c.) oh whats that? study??

haha. but that first picture is stunning.x