Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where inspiration is born

How could anyone deny street style as one of the most perfect forms of inspiration. Not just with fashion but with every factor of life, you will never see the exact same thing twice, everything is original. I love looking at street style blogs like jak&jil, facehunter, stokholm streetstyle, and the sartorialist. The photos above are a few of my select favourite from this week. Where do you get your inspiration from?


Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

love the proenza shot!


CC said...

These are such gorgeous photos! I get a lot of my inspiration from places like The Sartorialist and Jak&Jil as well as a lot of blogs and LookBook.nu
Fab post! :)

Marta from With Love... said...

I adore the inspiration images that you have chosen, so perfect....
I find my inspiration from various sources but mostly personal blogs :)


Sabina said...

Street style is amazing, I love it :)) It's so real :)
I'd be glad if you found the time to visit my blog - if you like it (and I hope you will), feel free to comment and follow of course (Who would have thought, huh? :)))